First Response Provider Course ( FRPC) for public

Emergency medicine is considered to be the ever-growing branch of modern medicine. It is in the infantile stage in developing countries.

Providing Basic Life Support (BLS) is not the sole liberty of doctors or nurses. AHA visualizes BLS to be/has to be the right of every citizen.

Literacy is not required to learn BLS. So barring creed, caste and sex, citizens of a nation need to be graduates of scientific BLS, especially in a state like Kerala, where the number of cardiac patients are increasing, where there is a daily increase of road accidents and that too when the majority of victims belong to the young generation. In this situation, it has become an unavoidable limb of the modern emergency medical care to teach the entire Keralitesthe First Response Provider Course which includes BLS, First Aid and Trauma Care.

The developed world is far ahead in this field. The number of deaths due to cardiac arrest (before reaching hospital) has come down to less than 50-75 % in a country like Japan, whereas in our country, sad to say it is still 90-95 %. Hence it remains the duty of any civilized society to create an excellent pre hospital care system in their community.

The First Response Provider Course provided for lay public and healthcare providers in emergency care conducted by ANGELS is an ambitious work to realize the motto of ANGELS-“At least one lifesaver in a household”, where a common man with a will to assist people in emergency can learn serious emergency response skills, that can be used even in his house at the needed hours.

Course Content
The course includes hands-on training with manikins on

1. Basic Life Support (BLS),
2. First Aid and
3. Trauma Care
4. Basic etiquettes in a scene of disaster

We aim at developing a nation with 100 % literacy in pre hospital emergency care.

ANGELS is organizing this course with the support from Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM) of the Panchayat and Social Welfare Ministry.

1.Cancellation/postponement of schedule is not allowed.
2.Booking not allowed beyond 45 days ( as we can’t predict our in-house events so early).
3.After checking the availability of trainers and other commitments on the dates given by the person, the ANGELS BLS training coordinator fixes the schedule after negotiations on phone.
4.The organizers will ensure the following:-

(a) Seating arrangements for the delegate,
(b) Convenient space for practical training.
(c) Availability of LCD projector and Public Address Equipments.
(d) Availability of power generator in case of electricity failure.
(e) One handkerchief with each delegate.
(f) To and fro conveyance for the training team.
(g) Lunch and refreshments for the training team.
(h) Remittance of Rs. 100/- per delegate along with a list of delegates’ name, no.,email I'd.
(i) If the number of delegates attending training are less than the number booked for, the organizers will have to make the payment as per the initial booking.

For booking please contact 9961202102