Adult-Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course for hospitals

Hospitals are obliged and bound to save and protect lives. Emergency care assumes great importance in a hospital’s operations as the immediate and efficient emergency care delivered at the right time saves precious lives. To do so the hospital has to have a perfect infrastructure both in terms of treatment facilities and trained personnel, right from the security to the intensive trauma care departments. To start with, the name itself of the casualty department needs to be changed to emergency care department to induce a positive approach and to give hopes to the victims and relatives.

ANGELS, an institution with a motto of quick, prompt, efficient emergency service is involved in assisting the hospitals willing to improvise on the services of their emergency care departments. ANGELS offers technical consultancy in emergency care to the hospitals.

The Adult/Pediatric emergency medicine course conducted by ANGELS is focused to train all the doctors and nursing personnel involved in handling a person requiring emergency care in the dos and don’ts of emergency care management with special emphasis on their specific roles in the task. A thorough knowledge will be provided about the kinds of emergencies that need to be attended in the hospital.

Course structure
It is a 3 day course
A condensed version based on the latest of the AHA Guidelines.
Topics covered:

Basic life support (BLS),
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and
Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

Shanthi Hospital Omassery Kozhikode has already utilized the training services of ANGELS and has upgraded the emergency care department as per the guidelines provided by ANGELS. The patient feedback about the services of the hospital has shown a marked encouraging difference since the change last year. Citing this live example request you to upgrade your emergency care department.